August 7, 2023
The Best Low-Maintenance Fence Options
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The Best Low-Maintenance Fence Options


A fence is an excellent addition to your home! A backyard fence can provide privacy and keep your children and pets corralled in your yard. At Cardinal Fence, we offer a variety of fence types, and many of them have little to no maintenance required. If you’re in the planning stages of your new fence, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss the best low-maintenance fence options.


What type of fence is easiest to maintain?


We often receive this question at Cardinal Fence, and we understand completely! Many homeowners don’t want to dedicate much time and money to backyard fence maintenance but still want privacy or security. The good news is there are several options for maintenance-free fencing! The best types of low-maintenance fences are aluminum, vinyl, and chain-link. Let’s dive into the basics of these fence types and the pros and cons. 



At first glance, you may think the aluminum fence you see in your neighborhood is a traditional wrought-iron fence. Even though aluminum fences look alike, they are much less heavy and much more affordable than wrought-iron fences. However, its most significant feature is virtually no maintenance!


Aluminum fencing will never rust or rot and does not need repainting or staining. It’s a solid fencing option for families looking for a durable fence to contain kids or pets in the yard. Additionally, aluminum fences won’t obstruct views. Some homeowners like this feature because they do not lose their excellent backyard view, but others dislike the lack of privacy. 



Vinyl fencing is another great low-maintenance fence type. This type of fence has many features, but privacy ranks at the top for many homeowners. A vinyl fence provides complete privacy with little maintenance required from you. There are no concerns for rotting, repainting, and insects during the life of this fence. The only care you need to provide is simple rinsing and washing with soap and water.


With a vinyl fence, you can find the total privacy you desire and beautifully complement your home’s design. Many colors and styles of vinyl fencing are available, so you can find the right one to boost your curb appeal. White is one of the most popular vinyl fence colors but shows dirt more than the darker color options. A vinyl fence is a viable choice for homeowners looking for complete privacy and security!



Some homeowners or business owners have a large amount of land to secure or have a tight budget, and that’s where a chain-link fence can help! A low-maintenance fence is essential if you’re looking for a low-cost option that can still secure your property. Chain-link fences are easy to install, allow visibility, and require little maintenance. The galvanized coating on chain-link fences makes it resistant to rust, so upkeep is minimal with this fence type.


While chain-link fences may have less aesthetic appeal than other fence types, we offer a variety of colors, heights, and mesh fabric gauges for chain-link fences so you can make them work for your unique property. If you’re looking for a fence that gets the job done to secure your property in a cost-effective and low-maintenance way, then a chain-link fence might be right for you.


Choosing the right low-maintenance fence type


After this breakdown of fence types with low maintenance, you might wonder which kind of fence is right for your home. Choosing a fence depends on a lot of factors, like design preference, function, HOA requirements, and budget. However, here are some tips for deciding between these low-maintenance fence options.




  • It doesn’t block views, so ideal for homeowners who want to keep sightlines
  • Great for containing pets and children in your backyard
  • A timeless design that complements any home




  • Offers complete privacy 
  • Great for properties with hills
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Many design options to complement your home




  • A cost-effective option that’s durable and secure
  • Ideal for properties needing a sizeable fenced area
  • Provides security for your property and pets


Trust Cardinal Fence for your Residential Fencing


Cardinal Fence is the choice of fencing professionals serving Morris, IL, and surrounding cities. We provide the most durable and beautiful fencing, so you can thoroughly enjoy your property. With over 35 years of experience, our expertise and customer service will exceed your expectations. Find all of our residential and commercial services to learn the type of fencing installation and repair we provide.


If low-maintenance fencing is top of mind, we recommend the right fence type for your unique yard. We offer fencing in various designs, colors, styles, and heights so you can find the exact fence for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let’s start planning your residential fence! 

Published: August 7, 2023
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