September 4, 2023
Settling the Debate: Fence Repair vs Replacement
fence repair vs replacement

Settling the Debate: Fence Repair vs Replacement 


When you first build your shiny new fence, you never think about potential repairs or replacements down the road. However, wear and accidents happen, even with low-maintenance fencing. So, how do you know if you can repair your fence or if it’s time for a replacement? We’re going to break down when repairing your fence makes sense, and when choosing fence replacement will save you time and money in the long run. Let’s settle the debate with fence repair vs replacement!


Should You Repair or Replace Your Fence?


There are several factors to consider when deciding whether fence repair or replacement is needed. It’s always best to consult a professional fencing company, as we can guide you and might save you some frustration and money. Here are some initial questions to answer to help with your decision. You can always contact Cardinal Fence for specific questions!


Fence Repair

If your fence damage is not widespread, opting for repair over replacement might make sense. These isolated fence issues are generally good candidates for fencing repair.

  • Cosmetic Damage

A good question to ask is if the damage is cosmetic or structural. A cosmetic fence issue can be an easy fix. We see this with wood fencing, like splintering, paint peeling, stain fading, and small holes/cracks. If these are isolated issues, you can repair them relatively quickly. However, continue proper fence maintenance and watch for more significant structural damage.  

  • Damaged Rail or Panel

If a fence rail or panel is loose, cracked, or damaged, it might be worth a repair instead of a total replacement. An aluminum fence rail can easily be tightened or replaced if the rest of the fence is in good shape. The same goes for vinyl pickets or panels. If the fence posts were not damaged, replacing a panel or picket is simple. 


One caveat with fence repair is the color of the replacement parts. If you opt for a new rail or panel or patch a small hole, it may not initially blend with the rest of the fence. Painting or staining the fence afterward will help, but natural weathering occurs over time to help the new panels and patches blend with the rest of the fence.


Fence Replacement

Replacing your fence might seem daunting, but it could be the best financial decision in the long run. Repair costs add up over time for some fence issues, and it’s easier to fully replace them. 


If you have several damaged fence panels or rails, replacing the entire fence is likely the best solution over replacing individual panels. Additionally, if your panels or rails are in good shape but the fence posts are damaged, fence replacement is necessary. Fence posts are difficult and expensive to repair, so if more than a couple are damaged, it’s time for a new fence. 


Lastly, another reason you should opt for fence replacement instead of repair is the age of your current fence. If your fence is old, the parts may not be available anymore for your specific fence type. Additionally, if your fence is nearing the end of its life, it makes sense to replace your backyard fence. For example, a wood fence may last up to 15 years. If you’re approaching that time frame, repairs may cost you more in the long run.


How to Maintain Your Fence for Longevity

With the proper maintenance, you can avoid unnecessary damage to your backyard fence. Maintaining your fence can also help extend its life! Your fence type will determine its maintenance plan. Our fencing pros at Cardinal Fence will ensure you stay up-to-date on your fence’s maintenance recommendations.


Wood fences require more maintenance than aluminum, vinyl, or chain-link. Staining and sealing yearly, or whenever recommended, is vital to keeping it pristine and preventing damage. Vinyl fencing only requires rinsing off with a hose as needed. 


For all fence types, keep an eye on the landscaping surrounding the fence and inspect for minor damages regularly. These simple tasks can extend your fence’s life and help prevent costly repairs! 


Fence Repair and Replacement in Morris, IL

So, what’s next? Whether you have decided on fence repair, or replacement, or are still undecided, Cardinal Fence can help! We are your professional fencing company serving Morris, IL, and surrounding areas. Cardinal Fence provides residential and commercial fencing services in various styles and budgets. We also offer fence repair and service, even if we didn’t install your fence!


Our experts will provide recommendations based on your fence’s damage and your budget. If fence replacement is the right solution, we offer cedar, vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link fencing in various designs, colors, and heights. We can help you find the perfect fence type for your yard, budget, and needs! 


Once your fence is repaired or replaced, we can provide simple and practical tips to keep your fence in pristine condition for many years! Consistent inspection and maintenance are crucial to preventing costly damage down the road.



Contact Cardinal Fence today or schedule a free estimate.

Published: September 4, 2023
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