Do I need a permit for my fence project?

Most villages/cities/counties require a permit. Please check with yours to confirm.

Will I need a plat of survey for the fence installation?

Yes you will need a plat of survey for Cardinal Fence Contractors, most villages/cities/counties also require the plat of survey for the permit process.

Can I have locking fence gates?

Yes, all the gate hardware Cardinal Fence uses are pad lockable, key–lockable ratchets are also available.

Do you have payment options or financing for fencing?

Yes! we work with Wells Fargo to help you with financing. Learn more here

Do you stain fences? Should I stain my fence? What fence stain do you recommend?

We do not stain fences

Do I need a special pool fence or pool gate?

Most communities require permits for fence installation. Be sure to check with your city, township or county for all necessary information.

Does Cardinal Fence and Supply offer a fence warranty?

Yes! Learn about our warranties here

Can I come to the office to see fencing samples?

Our sales representatives have several fence samples available for you to look at, however wood fences are custom-built on site.

Do you offer free fence estimates?


Do you sell fence material, hardware or panels to the public?