October 2, 2023
The Best Yard Fence for Kids & Pets

The Best Yard Fences for Kids & Pets


A common reason to install a fence in your backyard is to contain pets and keep kids safe. With all of the fence types available, you might wonder what the best yard fences for kids. We’re going to break it down and help you determine the ideal fencing for your property if you have kids and pets. Consider these features when choosing a fence for your backyard when safety is a priority.


Fence Height


For large dogs, you’ll want to have a fence that’s tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over. The same can be said for kids too! You don’t want to encourage your young child to climb over the fence. A taller fence will also bring more privacy and prevent your children or pets from seeing outside the yard.


Typically, privacy fences range from 6-8 feet tall. Vinyl and cedar fencing are the most common privacy fence types and come in various styles and colors to complement your home. On the other hand, aluminum fencing usually ranges from 4-5 feet tall. This is important to consider when selecting a fence type if you have a jumper or climber!


Fence Material


The fence material you choose for your family is an important consideration. A professional residential fencing company will offer the best fence types available, but there are key differences that may not work for every family.


  • Aluminum: This fencing type is popular for families because it’s aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and low maintenance. For families whose goal is to contain kids and pets in their yard without the need for privacy, this fence type is a great option. However, its lower fence height may not be ideal for large dogs who could jump over. 
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is another great option for backyard fencing because it offers complete privacy with many design options available. It’s an easy material to maintain and is safe for your kids and pets to play around. Many families with kids or pets choose vinyl fencing for their backyard for these reasons!
  • Cedar Wood: Another popular fencing type is cedar. This is traditionally what you would imagine when a backyard fence comes to mind. Cedar fencing is beautiful and gives a natural aesthetic to your property. It also provides privacy and a tall fence height. However, this type of fence does require more maintenance, and there is a risk of splinters for children and pets. Still, this is the chosen option for many families.


Fence Design 


When discussing the best fence type for kids and pets, the design is important. The design of your backyard fence can make a difference in your family’s safety and security. For aluminum fencing, consider how the rails will look. If you have small children or dogs, you’ll want tighter rail spacing to prevent loved ones from sliding out of the fence. Additionally, consider a flat rail on top of your fence instead of a spear. 


Vinyl fencing has a very smooth design, which is ideal to prevent climbing over the fence. Cedar fencing can cause splinters if someone runs up against it, but with the proper maintenance, you can prevent daily hazards and enjoy this type of fence for many years. 


Don’t Forget the Gate!


The most important thing to consider when installing a fence for your kids or pets is the gate! Really think about how and where you want the gate. There are different latch styles for fence gates, and our team at Cardinal Fence can recommend the location and type of gate best for your yard and situation. If you have particularly young children you don’t want leaving the yard, opt for a gate that’s harder to open.


Best Fence Types for Kids & Pets


So, what is the best fence type for kids and pets? That will ultimately depend on your privacy preference, budget, design preference, and family. But let’s summarize the key features of each fence type to see how it can work for your family’s backyard.


Best Fence for Kids

  • Tall fence height
  • Low-maintenance fence material
  • Safe fence design


You can find these features in several fence types, but aluminum and vinyl are some of our most popular fence types for kids. The choice will come down to your preference (full privacy vs. no privacy), but any option will satisfy the need to keep your kids safe!


Best Fence for Pets

  • Tall fence height
  • Tight rail spacing or flat panels
  • Low-maintenance fence materials


The biggest things to consider when installing a fence for your pets is ensuring the fence is high enough to prevent jumping and the rails are not too wide to encourage slipping out. Aluminum, cedar, vinyl, and chain-link fencing are all viable options for fencing your pets.


Choose Cardinal Fence for Your Residential Fencing


Cardinal Fence is here to serve the Morris, IL, area for all of your residential fencing needs. We offer popular and affordable fencing styles that will satisfy any backyard. You can trust our expertise and passion for providing high-quality customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing options to protect your children and pets!



Published: October 2, 2023
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